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Trainings and Workshops

Be prepared. It’s not just the Girl Scout® motto, it’s a great rule for employers. In many cases, by the time you know you need an employment lawyer, you’ve already missed many opportunities to avoid the problem. Which is why Dolores Cordell offers workshops and trainings - so you can learn how to pro-actively address issues before they become problems.

Workshops for Employers: Pro-active Employment Practices

The field of employment relations is pitted with landmines and traps caused by:

  • Incorrect assumptions about employment law
  • Poorly conceived procedures and processes
  • Inadequate or improper management
  • Misleading information
  • Unaddressed communications issues

Employers need straightforward information to help them understand, identify, and steer clear of these avoidable pitfalls that often lead to employee suits. Unfortunately, supervisors cannot always follow their instincts because the law doesn’t always seem to follow "common sense." Supervisors understand the company's requirements - not the requirements of the law. And often, the two appear to be in conflict.

In the Pro-active Employment Practices workshop, we demystify employment law. Using plain language and practical examples we’ll help you learn to make better employee relations choices, and understand when you need to seek professional advice.

In-house Trainings: Employment Law Made Clear

Employment Law Made Clear helps HR staff and other managers understand how to set up internal structures and processes that successfully pre-empt problems. In these trainings, performed in-house for your selected staff, we provide you with specific ways to identify when an employment law issue is beyond the point of adequate in-house handling and you need to consult an attorney. In either case, our goal is to help you solve the problem without the costly and protracted demands of litigation.