Speaking Engagements

Dolores Cordell speaks publicly and to private groups on employment law matters.  She also offers seminars to employers on a variety of topics. 

Past speaking engagements include:

 * San Rafael Harbor Club Rotary
 * College of Marin Business Law Class
 * State Farm Agents – Marin County
 * Sausalito Chamber of Commerce
 * Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center 

In the Courts

Changes to the cap on pregnancy leave?  How will this affect your workplace? 

You Be the Judge

Employee Loans

Facts: Your company has loaned an employee $2,000 for personal use. When the employee is laid off, he still owes the company $1,000 on the loan. You deduct the $1,000 from his final paycheck. Is this legal? (Answer)



Our specialty is employment law advice in plain language.

We show you how to:

  • Operate your business within the confines of current employment law
  • Avoid costly lawsuits from disgruntled employees
  • Implement practical solutions to employee problems
  • Improve employee relations by demonstrating your commitment to following the law, thereby reducing the risk of employee claims and lawsuits


Our philosophy

Employees are not the enemy. Most employees want to do a good job for fair pay. Surprisingly, most employment laws are sensible, but navigating the myriad of statutes and regulations is difficult and time consuming. Unfortunately, there are many contingent fee lawyers willing to exaggerate and exploit even minor errors by employers.

Our goal is to make your workplace as "lawsuit proof" as possible. In the event that litigation is unavoidable, we are experienced in litigation and prepared to defend clients vigorously in both administrative and civil courts.

With sound and practical employment law advice, employers no longer have to be afraid of guessing wrong, and employee relations are improved. We believe this makes the workplace work better.



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